Weekend? What Weekend?

I always greet the day with a smile when Friday rolls around.

Unlike my love-hate relationship with Monday, Friday gives me that sense of relief that the weekend is just a couple of hours away. So my energy triples when Friday rolls around. I think my coworkers and bosses can attest to that.

Saturday is usually chores day. It’s either I do things around the house or I just try to do bits of work here and there. But all I know is that there is always something to do on a Saturday.

Sunday….um. Well. Cheat Day? I eat what I want on this day so I look forward to it. But man, it’s also that incoming dread that Monday is just around the corner. And I often felt sad for the weekend to end.

2 days is simply too fast for a weekend. Here’s to wishing (along with many others) for a 3 day weekend.


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