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Snippet 6: Roam

Though I am here,

I am free to roam.

Roam to where I want to be.

In my mind I float,

Above all that keeps me grounded.


Here in the now,

I can be anywhere between,

the past,

and the future.

Never mind that I need,

to be here in the now.


Here in the now,

where I cannot understand,

actions are alien,

and words are inscriptions,

laden in dust,

that I will never absorb. 


I rather roam.

Snippet 3: Love

Love is a 4 letter word,

a small word that overwhelms.

A word that can build and destroy,

souls and hearts in a matter of minutes.

Cities great and small.

It can instantly turn you,

turn you into the haze of dreams,

into the fires of desire,

into the abyss of depression.

Love is devastatingly simple,

but also devastatingly complex.

A puzzle that is forever changing,

not knowing if we will ever solve it,

or know it,

or grasp it fully.

It will always be a mystery,

an emotion that even the coldest,

melts upon its touch.

– Camy 9:54am / May 19, 2013

Snippet 2: In the Quiet

In the quiet I reflect,

the matters that mattered.

The life I had lived

and has yet to be lived.

In this new pattern I weave,

slowly and in caution.

For it is fragile, and deep.

that one wrong move will unravel,

destroying all that was made.

So I hold on to it,

and kept my gaze fixated,

never leaving the pattern.


In the quiet I gazed,

into the colors that sway and saturate,

as I rarely blink,

remembering every contour,

every shade.

Wounding every single hue in its place,

creating a world of new beginnings,

and a new name.

Blessed I feel,

in the quiet I reflect amidst chaos of reality,

beneath all I have yet to discover,

i know there are answers waiting in every corner.

– Camy 8:05pm / May 13, 2013

Snippet 1: Call


Strings in my heart,

were pulled and plucked, 

to create a melody that resonates in my soul.

It is a way,

to describe a call,

to the one who makes me feel whole.

– May 1, 2013 9:57am

*It’s been a while since I wrote a snippet of poetry. And this came to me suddenly. Glad to know that in a way, I haven’t lost it.

Happy Labor day y’all.