Dearest Mother,

We are 2 opposite individuals who clashes. And to think we are bonded in blood.
But despite our differences, there are times when we instinctively gravitate to one another and we become one. And for that moment, we knew we got each other’s backs. I think we always have…we just don’t acknowledge it as much.

I think you have underestimated how I feel about you.

Mother, I love you. I know you had given up a lot of things for me and to my brothers. That sacrifice resonates even to the farthest corner of the universe, and your love expounds not just to us but to the ones who need it. You are beautiful, both inside and out.

You bring joy to us, making us laugh and most in my case, FACEPALM. You are so silly, but I think you know that, and you play that as a strength. The ability to make us see joy in the form of you.

It took a while for you to accept me as a person with a different point of view, seeing that it is not evident to my other 2 brothers. In fact, you wondered where I probably got my prickly nature. My father maybe? (hm, possible.) Or maybe there must be a distant relative somewhere who is as ‘strange’ as I am. Who knows? At the end of the day I am still your daughter, prickly nature or not.

You never fail to amaze me in the things that you do. One minute you are cooking up a storm in your duster, and then the next you are ‘BOSS-ing’ up in your pearls, pastel top w/white pants combo, eyeliner, blush and swept up ponytail. I guess there is such a thing as a Superwoman. Magsama na nga kayo ni Clark Kent. Mga IMBA. 😀

Anyway, I allowed myself this much mush in one post. I wish you all the love and happiness in this world. I love you so much Mom. You’re awesome and don’t forget that.

From your daughter,


2 thoughts on “Mother

  1. Patty C. Diquiatco

    A mother’s love is unconditional! No matter what her children may become. They would always love them and take good care of them. That’s why they are called mother or inay. Remember when you are afraid or sick the first word that you will utter is Inay! How sweet a name. Later on in your life you when you are one, you will know why! 😉

  2. Maria Luisa Kanapi

    Im glad Camy that you expressed what you really feel for your Mom. It’s elating for her to know that she is appreciated and her prodding did not fall on deaf ears. She is like a chameleon, one moment she’s on her duster cooking, the next minute, she’s dressed-up with elegance. She’s a buffer to us all her siblings. Her understanding is wide as the ocean and I salute her for that. God must have given her wisdom to size-up a situation and her decision is always for the good of everyone.


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