Snippet 2: In the Quiet

In the quiet I reflect,

the matters that mattered.

The life I had lived

and has yet to be lived.

In this new pattern I weave,

slowly and in caution.

For it is fragile, and deep.

that one wrong move will unravel,

destroying all that was made.

So I hold on to it,

and kept my gaze fixated,

never leaving the pattern.


In the quiet I gazed,

into the colors that sway and saturate,

as I rarely blink,

remembering every contour,

every shade.

Wounding every single hue in its place,

creating a world of new beginnings,

and a new name.

Blessed I feel,

in the quiet I reflect amidst chaos of reality,

beneath all I have yet to discover,

i know there are answers waiting in every corner.

– Camy 8:05pm / May 13, 2013

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