Embracing Darkness

How the arms of the clock swivel faster than it was 10 years ago. And the heat is scorching even at dusk, the air sticking to the skin like slivers of strings soaked in sweet syrup.

The heat may be unbearable, but time eventually cools it down as it transitions from light to dark. In darkness, all senses are magnified for survival, and in time we navigate our way through till we reach safety.

Wherever or whatever ‘safety’ is for you.

How Darkness envelops. It can grip you. Choke you. Scare you. Consume you. You can blend in. Hide from plain sight. Be mysterious. Be feared. But, Darkness doesn’t have to be negative, it means to embrace a part of what we usually don’t confront or rather, can’t confront. It is that moment where one teetered between the chaos of happiness and the calm of insanity. And deciding how to deal with it.

Darkness is the time to reflect, along with quietness.

We live through conversations, colors, laughter, sand, water and wine under the sun, sea and friends, but as darkness blankets, we realize we are vulnerable. When the world sleeps and you are staring at the ceiling from your bed, your mind take a whole new turn. You wondered, how billions of people you can reach out but still feel alone?

You can probably say, I can solve this on my own. I am used to it, I will be ok eventually, it’s no big deal. You can be indifferent to others who tried to reach out, because you do not want to be perceived as weak, needy or a failure to hold on. You can probably try and have night vision. But I don’t think anyone has that grasped in their lifetime ever. Even if you try.

We all go through something in our lives that changes us. But that is not suppose to stop us from caring for another person. To reach out to the darkness and hold a hand to listen, to say everything will be alright.

And you don’t have to walk in darkness alone.

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