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Monday Vibes

Mondays are often a love-hate relationship situation. But it depends what mood I wake up to in the morning.

I don’t really have qualms meeting the first day of the work week but there were days when it is just too unbearable to get up and……work.

But ever since I started in this new venture, it has been challenging but a wonderful experience so far. The people I work with matters. For the mood also moves with them. And so far it has been a positive mood which was missing in the past.

I hope all of us will see Monday in a more positive light. Hey, it’s just 4 more days until the next weekend. Right?

Have a great week ahead.

Claiming It #1: 2013 is THE Year of AWESOME

One of the great milestones of my life is having to claim that 2013 is going to be the year of AWESOME.

So far, I have been keeping in line claiming this statement. Bold enough as it is.

And what used to be plans, just verbal diarrhea of what my erratic mind wanted to unload, are becoming a reality. Each are slowly falling into place. It is scary, for it means that my life is (finally) beginning to take shape.

Because sharing is caring, I would like to share a few of these milestones that is so far, making 2013 AWESOME.

Sometime this year, I will be marrying my best friend, partner in crime, and fellow homebody, Dark Gravity. We are in the middle of planning and while it’s hella expensive, erratic and even stressful, we have not felt the chaos yet because of the people who love and support us in taking this big step. And are offering ways to make it easy for us to plow through. TenksGod.

I am in a job that gives me the opportunity to stretch my wings. I had experienced being tied down for too long in places that doesn’t allow growth. So it’s a wonderful blessing to find a silver lining after all the storms and grey clouds I had to go through from the past. It’s awesome to think that one can be part of something that can spark a positive revolution and change for the better. Oh yes.

I decided to live better. Healthier I mean. And minimal. It’s still a struggle but at least I am on the road and had decided for realz to not turn back.

That’s it for now. I can’t wait for the next months to come. Whatever challenges or hiccups that may come my way, bring it on.

In closing, I will leave you with this:



(calligraphy courtesy of Dark Gravity)

What is your BIG CLAIM this year?

Have a great day everyone!

Hello Friends

It took a while, thank you for your patience.

I finally got around into putting where my stuff should be a long time ago. With the help of the people I hold dear in my heart, they made it into a reality.

There would be some slight changes from time to time….and some updates here and there. But that is what life is all about, always changing, always improving, always moving forward.

To this I welcome you all.